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Terms & Conditions Review

Your Terms & Conditions are one of the most crucial elements of any transaction; therefore, getting them right from the beginning is necessary. Applying these to every customer might seem work-intensive and daunting. That is where we will help you!
First Collect International will review your Terms & Conditions, amend where required, and even rewrite them in their entirety if needed. We will even take care of a complete reprint for all of your stationery.

Terms & Conditions represent the payment terms and other essential factors between you and your customers. Thus, Terms & Conditions make up a crucial part of your business. It could even be the difference between a successful sale and payment or non-payment and being unable to retain title over your goods, damages for breach of contract, or liability claims in relation to services or goods supplied.

First Collect International offers a Terms & Conditions review service, through which our solicitors will decide whether your Terms & Conditions cover your needs. The Terms & Conditions that you had in the past may not necessarily protect you now. With the constantly changing atmosphere of new laws and regulations introduced into all business sectors, reviewing your Terms & Conditions is noteworthy.
We have resolved numerous cases for our clients using this procedure and would be glad to give a free appraisal, where possible today.

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