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Dispute Resolution

Some matters are beyond simple Debt Collection and the disputes raised against claims made, along with counterclaims and damages really mean a specialist dispute resolution arena has to be created.

FCI retains and works for some of the biggest firms in these areas.

We have Dispute Resolution Lawyers in every single arena in every global market.

Legal fees quickly escalate and even an opinion from your lawyers on a dispute can very quickly turn into a bill of many thousands…….. that’s even before you have started any action.

FCI’s lawyers will give a FREE opinion as to how the claim should proceed, where the jurisdiction should be and the chances of any success being obtained.

Clients do not want to receive a bill for many thousands to be told they have no chance, so where possible we eliminate this process and focus quickly on the procedure in hand and having the matter set down for resolution or in most cases a pre judicial settlement as quickly as possible.

Using this process we have resolved countless cases for our clients and would be very happy to give a free appraisal, where possible today……….

Please contact us for further information.

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