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Liquidation, Administration & Bankruptcy


FCI has its own insolvency operation dealing with both personal and corporate insolvency procedures. Our teams are experts in the field of nil asset/investigative recovery work.

In this discipline it is possible, with the right application, to obtain a recovery for the benefit of creditors when on the first appearance there seem to be no apparent assets within the relevant insolvent party’s Estate. Such realisations can be affected by an Insolvency Practitioner’s use of the provisions of the Insolvency Act 1986, including but not limited to: recovery of preferences, transactions undervalue, transactions in defraud of creditors, and wrongful and fraudulent trading.

Basically, our team can and have on numerous occasions overturned “prepacks” and have procured large payments for the benefit of creditors when a zero dividend has previously been proposed.

This service is also No Result – No Fee.

It is imperative that as soon as you receive notice of a creditors meeting you email the forms to us along with a statement of account so that we can lodge your claim and start our action.

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