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Sovereign Debt Collection / Purchase

One of the services we offer is the recovery of Sovereign Debt.
The first claim against a Government for a substantial value was in 1995 and was for a complete transport system for a major city that had remained unpaid for decades. Through wars, currency devaluation, and arguments over limitations, we managed to recover many millions of dollars for our clients along with interest.

This project opened up a completely new opportunity in the field of debt recovery and we now dedicate a considerable amount of time and resources to this particular area.
Some projects are very politically sensitive and we pride ourselves in our approach of confidentiality and negotiation on both sides.

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☑️ Old Sovereign Debt will not pay voluntarily. Bilateral agreements and time barring of claims have made it increasingly difficult to get cash for your outstanding debt. There is now a way to capitalise on this asset. Let FCI do the work and return a premium to you.
☑️ FCI will buy these debts.
☑️ You will receive cash within seven days of our accepted offer for any amount agreed. No amount is too much.
☑️ FCI will also collect these debts for you should you not wish to sell and try to increase your return