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Debt collection in the Netherlands

Finding it hard to go after the debtors in the Netherlands? Allowing First Collect International to move in and take on debt collection may help.

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Why you should trust us

Indebt collection business since 1993, First Collect International has been a member of the CSA, ACA, IACC and LIC. We have worked for several corporations, credit insurance companies and governments worldwide.

Information we require

You will need to provide us with complete contact information, outstanding amount and dates of invoices. If there is any other information relating to the history of the debt such as copies of relevant letters, invoices/statements and notes of conversations, we will need it as well.

Procedure for Debt Collection in the Netherlands

It is a combination of letters, faxes and telephone calls. Our staff is well trained for making telephone calls and personal contact effective.All cases are different, so there is no fixed procedure for each debt. It depends on individual case. If required, we may engage in full litigation against any business and private individuals, including procedures like attachment of earnings, property charges, winding up petitions and all other enforcement methods.

Our debt collection rate

You will appreciate our collection rate. We work at No Result – No Fee basis, so you need not worry about it.

Our charges

Fees we charge for debt recovery in the Netherlands is dependent on the age, size and location of debt placed.If we need to begin legal action against debtors in the Netherlands , we will provide you with an estimate of costs before proceeding.

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