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FCI In South America

Debt Collection in Argentina

FCI has created one of the world’s most elite debt collection systems through its constant upgrades. Thanks to our access to thousands of physical “on the ground” collectors in over 100 countries, there is no debt beyond our reach. Day after day, we strive to take a proactive and personal approach to each case and always look for ways to ensure a satisfying resolution with all parties at an affordable rate. We understand that debt can be sensitive and handle them discreetly and professionally. Our vast experience and expertise allow us to provide customized solutions tailored towards each debtor while ensuring no financial damage are done on your end – giving you peace of mind regardless of who, where, or how much money is owed. FCI’s uncompromising commitment towards delivering outstanding services is underpinned by results and customer service – creating a formidable debt collection system, which accounts for our success today! With plans to expand into new markets, FCI will continue to provide unparalleled services backed by outstanding performance delivered by dedicated professionals worldwide. Debt collections have never been easier! With years of experience under our sleeves, entrusting FCI with collecting your debts removes the stress, so you can focus on growing your business instead.​

What are the Advantages of Working with Us?

At our company, we have many years of experience when it comes to debt collection. We have used this knowledge to carefully create and develop comprehensive debt collection software crafted for maximum efficiency. This proprietary software ensures a swift and complete journey from the initial placement of debts through to the recovery of monies due to you. This streamlined approach saves you time and stress while assuring that all steps are taken to recover your cash most quickly and favourably possible. Regarding specialized assistance with debt collection, our custom-made software puts us head and shoulders above the rest! Because you become part of our system, we can guarantee that your debt recovery becomes our top priority and that no single day is ever wasted in pursuit of them. 

Time Taken

Navigating debt and dealing with collection agents can be daunting, particularly when tackling large amounts of debt. Thankfully, some services are dedicated to working with consumers and helping them come to a solution that meets their needs. Debt collection agencies understand the stress and pressure faced by people struggling with debt and work hard to get all parties out of this difficult situation. They prioritize getting the accounts settled within 24 hours for those individuals who can cooperate fully yet still strive for a fast resolution in all cases—often paying debts within six weeks, despite how long it may take the consumer to make sufficient payments. With the help of these debt collection professionals, any individual can rest assured knowing that they have access to knowledgeable specialists ready and willing to create a plan tailored specifically to their unique situation. By seeking assistance from these industry experts, people can go from feeling overwhelmed by debt and unsure of what steps to take—to moving forward confidently toward achieving peace of mind financially.

Collection Rate

FCI has earned a reputation as one of Argentina’s leading debt recovery agencies thanks to its team of experienced treasury lawyers and mediators. Unlike many of our competitors, we offer a No Result – No Fee service: if we fail to recover your debt, you won’t have to pay us. Trust is essential for the client and debtor in any debt collection process. That’s why we provide transparency and compliance with state regulations while providing our service quickly and efficiently. Good results are paramount, but not at the expense of ethical practices: FCI always adheres to the rules of judicial authorities when carrying out any recovery services. Our commitment to excellence has earned us a loyal base of customers, confident that they can rely on us as their preferred debt collection agency. With FCI beside them, customers can have peace of mind knowing that their debts will be recovered swiftly and ethically. As such, it’s easy to see why we are the first choice of customers looking for Debt Recovery services in Argentina.

Our Features:

  1. Our company offers quick and efficient debt collection services.
  2. We maintain Registered Offices of companies worldwide, giving us access to up-to-date information on each debtor.
  3. We provide services that can help resolve debt issues efficiently. Our fees are only charged based on the age of the debt.
  4. We strive to resolve debt without hassle or lengthy periods because we see each case as a top priority.

Sales Ledger Control

At First Collect, we know that credit control can be a major challenge for businesses – from small startups to large corporations. However, our comprehensive credit control program and tailored approach make it easy to manage your finances and get the best value for your money. Our team is fully dedicated to providing you with expert guidance through every step of the credit control process – from the invoice posting date to the timescale you establish. Whether you need 30 days, 60 days, or 90 days or longer to pay back debts, we have got you covered! In addition, our monthly reports provide detailed insight into your debtors’ payment habits and allow us to adjust our strategy as needed to stay ahead of cash flow situations. So if you’re looking for a reliable partner who will take care of all aspects of credit control while understanding the needs of your business, trust First Collect – We are here every step of the way!

International Collection

Even though collecting from international markets and cultures is difficult for global business people, First Collect can assist you. Across more than 100 countries, the company offers hands-on services to ensure that collection is performed efficiently and accurately. If you’re successful at collecting, you can rely on their expertise no matter where you are. First Collect provides clients with a global advantage thanks to its comprehensive service portfolio and attention to detail. Because First Collect has an extensive service portfolio and a focus on detail, they’re the ideal option for anyone looking to expand their international presence while managing their finances wisely. Working with First Collect means you can go with others.

Worldwide Litigation Service

The Solicitors at First Collect Solicitors can act on behalf of their clients, which is helpful for most people. They retain highly skilled solicitors who act quickly, have a high success rate, and keep clients updated on the status of their cases throughout each case. We ensure your case is handled properly and fairly, with no unnecessary risks or expenses. We will fight on your behalf in any legal battles that are necessary so that the outcome is beneficial for everyone involved.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the functions of a debt recovery agency?

Banks turn their delinquent accounts to debt collection agencies, which do all the grunt work for them. Through trial and error, these agencies have become experts at locating people like you.

How are debt collection agencies paid?

You can always count on debt collectors to hunt for people who have not paid their debts. Because they get paid when they recover money, it’s critical to ensure that all the debts you are responsible for cannot be traced back or are at least fairly inexpensive!

How successful are debt collectors?

Over the last decade, 16% and 22% of people successfully collected their debts.

Is debt collection profitable?

Debt collectors are businesses that make money by getting people to pay off their debts. They can either work with creditors or buy bad credit scores to put you into despair and force you to buy!