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Debt collection in South America

Various reasons make debt recovery particularly difficult in South America. If you are facing bottlenecks in payment collection in South Africa, First Collect International can help.

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Knowing us

We are a full UK and international overdue account collection service working on debt recovery for clients who transfer the file to us.Ourspecialist services such as Sovereign Debt Recovery & Purchase along with Asset Disposal & Dispute Resolution bring in ‘one stop’ solution for our clients.

Procedure for debt collection

We use faxes, phone calls as well as personal contact for debt recovery, while making sure that every step our professionals take is within the purview of law. Our experience shows that personal contact and phone calls are more effective in debt collection. We recognize that every case is different, so we come out with a distinct strategy for each case. If personal contact doesn’t work, this is followed up by litigation.

Offering full litigation

Thanks to our network of South American agents and lawyers, we can initiate full litigation services against businesses or private individuals. We can begin litigation proceedings for attachment of earnings, property charges, bankruptcy, winding up petitions and all other enforcement methods.

Time for collecting amount

In most cases, debt recovery is made, a repayment schedule agreed upon or the account is passed for legal action within six weeks.

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