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Debt collection in Russia

If you have debtors in Russia and you have no viable solutions to get your money back from, First Collect International can help. We are a company with a worldwide network of agents and legal experts, which makes us capable of collecting your money.

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An introduction of us

We are an international overdue debt collection service, functioning since 1993. Our top managers have decades of experience in the field. We are associated with entities like the CSA, ACA, IACC and LIC.

Methods of Debt Collection in Russia

We believe every case is different, so we are flexible enough to redesign our debt collection strategy. Our debt recovery work usually begins with a mix of registered mails, faxes and telephonic contacts. This can be extended to one-on-one interactions if required. Most people will consent to repay at this stage. However, if they refuse to acknowledge their obligations yet, we may begin legal proceedings against them. Whatever we do, we make sure it is within the ambit of law.

Our fee structure for debt recovery in Russia

We have based our fee structure on the simplicity of making the collections. It is usually based on the age of the debt at the time of instruction and other factors such as size and location. Majority of loans in Russia are recollected, a repayment schedule agreed or an account is passed for legal action within six weeks.

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