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Debt Collection & Recovery In Italy

First Collect International is a reputable player in the field of debt collection in Italy collecting outstanding bad debt. We recover debt on behalf of our clients, taking strain off your shoulders. We are engaged in debt recovery successfully for several years and look ahead to work with you.

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Our track record

We are a UK based debt collection company that operates internationally. We can locate ‘gone away’ debtors of yours and begin pursuing them for repayment of debt. In business since 1993, we are member of the CSA, ACA, IACC and LIC. We are recommended by Berne Union Members (the international association of credit insurers).

Procedure for Debt Recovery in Italy

Once you open a file with us, we begin prompt collection intervention through qualified personnel and an effective operative method. We sent debtors registered mails and contact them on phone as well as make personal contact for debt recovery in Italy. If it is to no avail, we can begin legal proceedings against them through our team of lawyers who work for us on fixed fees.

The advantages

We rely on hands-on collection methods for debt recovery rather than fixed ones. Our people have expertise in local markets and legal requirements which shows up in the work we do.

Cost of debt collection in Italy

The cost depends on several factors such as age, size and location. We would evaluate each case separately before informing you of it.

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