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Debt collection in Germany

Creditors in the UK are usually disinclined to pursue ‘gone away’ debtors in Germany, thanks to the complexities involved. There are legal complexities, language barrier and the fear of losing more money in the process of debt recovery in Germany.

First Collect International can move in to collect the debt for you.

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Beginning debt collection procedure

We are an international overdue account collection service with a network of collectors and lawyers across Germany. Once you open a file with us, we can begin debt collection procedure in any nook and corner of the country.

Reaching the debtors

Debtors default simply because they think creditor won’t be able to reach them overseas. In many cases, a creditor may not have enough information to contact them, or there may be other reasons.

The procedure

The first step usually is to send a letter with notice of default to the debtor by registered mail indicating that the debt remains outstanding and legal action may follow if they don’t repay. We try to reach an out-of-court settlement with them and if it is not possible, we begin the legal action for debt recovery in Germany.

Network of retained lawyers

We work with retained lawyers as well as multi-lingual professionals on fixed fees across Germany enabling us to quickly take legal action against the defaulters. Once legal action is initiated, the defaulter will fall in line.

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