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Debt collection in France

If your debtors have moved to France, debt collection may be particularly difficult. A different financial and legal system does have its complexities and few creditors in the UK will appreciate getting enmeshed. However, you do have a way out!

We can Do the Debt Recovery in France for you.

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Who we are

First Collect International is a full UK and global overdue account collection service offering to locate ‘gone away’ debtors

Our services

Our line of services include Sovereign Debt Recovery & Purchase along with Asset Disposal & Dispute Resolution offer our clients a one stop solution for all their requirements. Some pre-eminent features of our debt collection in France are:

  • No File Opening Charges
  • No Prepayment
  • No Subscriptions
Problems faced in debt recovery in France

Companies find it time consuming, counter-productive and expensive to chase late payers in a foreign land such as France. Economic situation is not very positive as well, which makes companies even more reluctant to take such step. This, in turn, encourages the debtors to hold back the payment, hoping to get away with it.

Extensively trained personnel

Our debt collection personnel have been extensively trained for dealing such cases. They are well-versed with the laws and the relevant methodologies.

Retained lawyers for litigation

We retain experienced lawyers across France if the matter goes to litigation. Of course, it is the last resort, but we are always prepared to deal with it if the need be. Our retained solicitors operate to a fixed cost fee. Language is no issue for our multi-lingual staff.

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