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FCI In Dubai

Worldwide Debt Collection in Dubai 

We’re Here to Improve Your Cash Flow! 

We’re OPEN for Business Worldwide! 

We Will Get Your Monies Back Into Your Account Swiftly! 

Being solution-focused is our forte. Your money is stuck – but that’s not a major concern anymore. First Collection International will handle it for you! 

Our goal is to serve the financial needs of our clientele who encounter slow payers and bad debts worldwide. Debt recovery is our job, but we also abide by all the legal compliance. 

The Perks of Working with First Collect International in Dubai  

We are a reliable and reputed international debt collection firm with decades of experience. Working with us will help you reap innumerable benefits. 

Unmatched Features

  • No subscription required
  • No prepayment 
  • No charges for file opening 

Time-Bound Results

First Collect International in Dubai resolves most debt collection cases within 24 hours. However, it depends on the case. We work on a repayment schedule, and if it does not work out as agreed, we take legal action within six weeks. 

We don’t waste any time. The money that belongs to you will head back into your account soonest as we constantly work on the case and ensure debt recovery within 24 hours. 

Handling International Debt Collection Like a Pro 

Chasing debtors can be a nightmare! Constant calling and reminder emails have not worked for you, but First Collect has been in this business for decades. We know how to handle debtors both amicably and within the courtroom. 

Our clientele trusts our ways of handling debtors. In most cases, we can get your monies back into your account. 

Understanding Your Need of the Hour 

We have affiliated offices in over a hundred countries. First Collect International company in Dubai understands local and international markets. The team is also aware of the legal requirements and will speak the local language to ensure that debt recovery is as quick and seamless as possible. 

Collection of Debt in an Amicable Way 

The collection of debt in an amicable way is the starting point. Retaining a positive working relationship with the debtors/customers is the goal. If the debt can be collected without difficulties, we will get the money to your account as soon as possible. 

We seek a positive solution proactively. Whether it’s an international or a domestic debtor, our team resolves every kind of debt issue. 

Once we receive the payment from your debtors, it gets transferred to your account quickly. 

Overcoming Language Barriers in the Local Markets 

Our Accounts Receivables Managers are everywhere in different parts of the globe. They speak the language of the local and smaller market in the country. Finding people to communicate with your debtors in the smaller markets can be difficult, but we’re here to offer the best solution. 

Our team calls the debtors when the due date is crossed. If amicable solutions don’t work, we move to Plan B, which takes legal action against the debtor. However, in most cases, we can resolve matters outside the court in an amicable manner. 

Legal Collections Made Simpler 

First Collect International team helps take strict action against the debtor when required. It doesn’t matter where they are in the world – we will ensure that strict legal action is taken against them as we have access to the finest lawyers worldwide. 

Our efficient legal collections team supports you in overcoming all the challenges of taking legal action against debtors. This is the best route when all the attempts get exhausted. Debt collection can pose different difficulties, like language barriers and understanding the legal actions you can take against a difficult debtor. 

First Collect International in Dubai has an efficient legal department that works toward your case and ensures you get the best solution when nothing works on your debtor. 

Here’s what you get from our legal action team: 

  • Advising you on the possible outcomes and the legal actions you can take 
  • Educating you about legal action activities 
  • Accompanying you when required during legal proceedings 
  • Access to the finest lawyers in our network 

We Stay Connected With You Throughout the Debt Collection Proceedings 

Reach out to us whenever you have a query or urgency related to the debt collection matter. Our professionals will also accompany you for all the debt collection proceedings. We support you the best way we can! From first-party debt collection to registering a dispute, finding a resolution, and monitoring the payment plan, we take care of everything from A to Z. 

First Collect International believes clients come first, so choose us for your debt collection case. If needed, we will offer the best legal solution if nothing else works. 

Choose Our Trusted and Reliable Debt Recovery Services 

Our expertise in the industry gives you the peace of mind you deserve. 

Why chase debtors when you can hand over the duty to us? Debtors can act rigidly and not listen or understand your current situation, but when we enter the scene, we ensure that none of the debtors takes it easy. 

If there are outstanding dues from their end, we ensure that the case resolves amicably and the monies reach your account within a day.

We promise to exceed your expectations and provide you with top-notch debt collection services that you can blindly trust at all times. 

Initial contact < Follow-ups < Collections 

We handle everything right from the start. 

We are the most reliable B2B debt collection service provider on the other side. 

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