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FCI In Brazil

Worldwide Debt Collection in Brazil 

Let’s Help You Improve Your Cash Flow! 

FCI is Open For Business Worldwide! 

Getting Back the Money from Debtors is Our Job and Priority!  

First Collect International in Brazil believes in being solution-focused rather than problem-focused. We understand that your money is stuck with the debtors – but we’re here to follow up and help you get your money back. 

Slow payers are a pain, and that’s why we enter the scene to help save the day with efficient debt recovery. 

The Benefits of Working with First Collect International in Brazil 

We are a reputed international debt collection company with decades of experience. When you join hands with us, you reap innumerable benefits. 

Unmatched Features

  • Subscription not needed
  • No repayment 
  • No extra charges for file opening 

Fast and Fruitful Results 

If a debtor is rigid about paying the dues, we help you collect the debt and get it into your account as soon as possible. Most of the debt collection cases get resolved within 24 hours. 

First Collect International firm in Brazil works on a repayment schedule; if nothing else works, we take legal action against the debtor. 

Wasting time is not on our radar – the money that belongs to you should head back to your bank account, and we work tirelessly to make it happen. If not 24 hours, the debtor has to face the consequences. 

We Have Decades of Experience in Debt Collection 

Chasing debtors is the biggest nightmare for any company. You are tired of sending reminders to the debtor, but they are rigid and aren’t answering your calls. 

Focus on your business as we will intervene and do everything from sending reminder emails to calling and taking matters to the courtroom. 

Our first approach is to solve the issue amicably. Most debtors need a little push, and within 24 hours, the case is solved. Moreover, our team has been handling debtors for decades, so trust our process and focus on what needs to be done. 

We ARE Everywhere! 

Our affiliated offices are present in hundred countries. First Collect International in Brazil understands both international and domestic markets. 

We are also aware of all the legal requirements, and if needed, we also speak the language of your debtor. Debt recovery is easier when you have us on board. We make the process as seamless as possible. 

Debt Collection is a Complex Yet Doable Process For Our Firm 

We do not threaten the debtor at the first meeting. Our first approach is to solve the issue in an amicable manner. After all, the goal is to retain a positive working relationship with the debtor. 

If we can collect the debt without difficulties, the money should reach your account within 24 hours or a few days. 

Our first thought is to approach the debtor positively. If the debtor speaks a different language, our experts will also use their language to communicate the message. 

Once everything goes smoothly, we will transfer the due amount to your account instantly. The goal is to resolve everything peacefully so your business relationship with the debtor will not get hampered. 

Language Barrier is Not a Concern For Us 

FCI receivables managers are posted everywhere in different countries. They speak the local language if you want us to connect with the debtor who only speaks one language. 

Finding the right kind of people to communicate with a debtor who only speaks one language can be tough, but we offer the best solution. 

Our efficient team will call the debtor once the due date crosses. If the amicable solution does not work out, we move to the tougher part: filing a legal case. 

However, in most cases, we can solve the matter outside the courtroom. 

Taking the Legal Route 

First Collect International Brazil team can take strict action whenever needed. Debtors can be stubborn, but even our efforts are relentless. 

We can take strict action against the debtor as we have access to the best lawyers worldwide. 

We have a special legal collection team that supports you throughout the process. If there is any challenge along the way, we will handle it efficiently. When all the attempts get exhausted, we are here to find the best route for you. 

We encounter difficult debtors repeatedly, but our job is to simplify everything for you. 

FCI Brazel has a trained and skilled legal department that works relentlessly toward your case and ensures that they offer the best solution. 

Our legal team helps you with the following: 

  • Advising you about the possible outcomes and the best legal action you could take. 
  • Educating you about all the legal action activities. 
  • Accompanying you in the legal proceedings. 
  • Giving access to the best lawyers 

We Are With You Throughout the Debt Collection Process and Proceedings 

Contact us when you have a debt collection urgency or any query. Our team of experts will also accompany you for the debt collection proceedings if needed. 

FCI Brazil supports you in the best way it can! The first contact made to the debtor till getting the money back into your account – we are with you. 

First Collect International is with you at all times! We take your case seriously, and if the legal route is the only option, we will fight the case with you and ensure the money reaches you. 

Opt For Our Reliable Debt Recovery Services 

Businesses need peace of mind, and with our debt recovery services, you need not worry about the money you gave away. The debtors need to be on their toes to return your money. 

Chasing debtors is no longer an option or your duty. If debtors act hard to reach, let us enter the scenario and change everything. 

We understand that debtors can play hard to get, but we have dealt with them for several years, and we assure you that your money will reach back into your account. 

Once you opt for our debt collection services, you will never look for any other service provider. We are the best in the industry! 

Initial contact with the Debtor < Follow-ups < Collections 

We handle everything from A to Z. 

FCI Brazil is the most reliable B2B debt collection service provider on the other side. 

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